very long time no update to this blog, i was fully allocated with very different things. the last summer was asking for some more real┬álife action with my smart roadster. so we have visited 3 different race tracks and i have spent some time to optimize the suspension. the winter placed me into the snow, i have really enjoyed my new passion – snowboarding.

but finally, i’ve bought myself a complete new system for gaming. it took some weeks to come to the decision if i go for a new console or a new pc rig. beside the nintendo wii, which has stepped in recently, i went for an Alienware pc. see the review section for a description of the system. this pc brought back GTR2 into the spot and so i have started to spend some time with this sim. the game runs quite well on the 3.5 ghz (oc) system but still suffers from stuttering. but it is more enjoyable than playing the game on my vaio tho. more news to come.

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