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another race

Dienstag, März 6th, 2007

i decided to cancel my former 24 h race due the strange weather and respectively wrong setup. based on my previous tests last week i went back to the elise and started a new 24 h race. weather – changing, opponents – 49 at 100%, aggression real, nordschleife 24 h 100%, fuel consumption and tire wear 100%, technical failure – 120 % (to compensate the weak damage model a little bit). fortunately, the weather is fine, 28 degree air, 37 degree track. forecast is dry. so i modified the setup to medium slicks all around, a little bit less air pressure and 100 litre stops by default. out to the track and skipping the formation lap, green flag and go. the start was more fluid than the other races due the modified driver files (i have added more skills for passing) so the first corners are not a complete mess. battling with the bmw and a porsche i was able to keep my place. i was not sure about the tire wear on a 8 lap stint so i was not pushing as hard as possible on this hot track. but it wasn’t hard to follow the pack and to stay in front of the g3 cars. my first stop after 8 laps just for fuel was done in 41 seconds, tire wear front was 7 and rear 4, really good on medium slicks, especially, the tire temps are quite ok, between 80-110 on the rears and 75-95 on the front tires. 8 laps later, time for stop 2, tire wear on fronts were 15 and the car became a little bit slippery on the front so i decided to swap front tires to new mediums. with some repair tasks and the refuel the stop was 64 seconds. i decided that 2 and a half hour is enough for this evening, more to come tomorrow.