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24 hours / stuttering solved?

Mittwoch, Februar 14th, 2007

to continue my tests with tire wear, fuel consumption and strategy i decided to start a 24 hour race and to drive this ‘by instalments’ with the help of the save race function. 49 opponents with 100% strength, fuel consumption 100%, tire wear 100%, defects 120%, weather changing, no full course yellow (that’s quite a pain on nordschleife, one lap will take more than 20 minutes). and it seems that gtr had the oppinion, let’s make it more funny. so the race started at rain, forecast was wet. so i decided to start on soft rain tires. the ai was quite carefull so i pushed the car a little and after two laps i was on position 30. my rear tires heated up to 110 degrees and about 125 degree on the straights. i decided to grab a pack of med slicks since the track was quite dry (just some thin fog behind the cars) it was a little bit tricky to get this tires to 80 degrees but it was not as slippy as expected. the ai pitted, not the whole field tho, but they were still very slow. i feld very comfortable with the track and my tires and started to pass lots of the opponents. funny thing, there was a huge accident at the backside of the start-finish line. a burning car, lots of debris on the track and i would say at least 10 cars are involved. after lap 6 i got 10th position and the ai started to become very itchy to pass. very slow in curves but powerfull on the straights. the elise is definitely not a car which is able to accelerate out of curves for passings so i tried to outbrake the others. one of the gt cars was really anoying. after several paint tradings i found myself on the green close to wppermann and with a light contact to the wall my front right tire lost air. pitstop 2. my second set of tires and this just for 6 laps! i decided to call it an evening and to continue the race on another day.
stuttering 2:
after increasing my memory (not mine but of my computer) to 2 gb and changing the priority to high (config.ini of gtr), closing all unnecessary background tasks i got quite a smooth game with very low stuttering and i would say no warping. sometimes the frame rate dropped below 20 (close to karussel) and i had 4 or 5 breaks for less than a second (maybe due the crashs of the ai, gtr had to reload the car models). i am quite happy with this, 50 cars on the track and it is really playable on my 2 ghz centrino notebook with ati x700, 2 gb ram, dual hard drive and a resolution of 1280×768 with 2x antialiasing, attached to my 30″ lcd screen 😉